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  • Share materials you create using TeacherSherpa’s all-in-one design tool or upload your pdf, ppt, word, excel, png, jpg files to TeacherSherpa.
  • By submitting materials to be part of the Royalties Program, you attest that these materials do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Your materials are copyright protected and can only be used for educational purposes by other members.
  • We make payouts via PayPal on the 1st week of each month.
  • Materials submitted are subject to approval by the TeacherSherpa team.
  • Participants are selected based on the quantity & quality of materials, as well as your social presence.
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change.

How it works

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Earning royalties is easy. Simply setup your TeacherSherpa profile and upload your originally created materials. 

Share those materials with your friends, blog, social and earn royalties every time they get downloaded. 

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What is a Content Contributor?

A Content Contributor is a member of TeacherSherpa who shares his/her original-created materials with other teachers. 

How do I earn royalties?

Become a Content Contributor and earn up to $1 royalty per download!

Absolutely, TeacherSherpa is meant to live side by side with your stores and enables your to show case materials differently.

I sell my materials on other sites, Is that ok?

How much do I earn?

"I've told many friends about TS because I love the site. I don't think that anywhere else exists where you can find so many fantastic freebies!!"

"TS compliments other teacher marketplaces because it has great materials, but they're free. "

"I hope my TS account will help teachers when they first start out and need free resource. Then when they are ready for larger bundles or more resources, they will visit my other stores knowing I create quality resources."

"I have told colleagues about TS. I tell them it is an economical resource that allows them to quickly find and use materials with the students in their classrooms."

TeacherSherpa is a platform for teachers to find, create and share classroom materials.

Royalties are paid on a per download basis. Since resources on TeacherSherpa are not sold they get downloaded at a much greater frequency than if there were sold. 

Potential earning are highly dependent on the quality and quantity of resources shared on TeacherSherpa. As a rule of thumb over 60% of our Content Contributors are earning hundreds of dollars per month.

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